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When your deliveries are on island, you need...

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From all over Europe to the islands and back, without trouble!
Your goods ship to Sicily and Sardinia on a route made smooth by know-how and specialisation.
Specialised in domestic intermodal freight and daily shipments by sea, Easy Island offers its partners access to its organisation for deliveries to and from the Italian islands, to serve all end customers' needs with extremely fast transit times, thanks to daily departures and constant tracking of goods' position.

A sea of solutions

The company can offer a vast range of freight services, able to meet all its customers' needs.
It handles goods of all kinds: iron and steel, industrial and mechanical engineering products, animal feeds, chemicals, foodstuffs, etc. The range of special services also includes the delivery of fittings and automation system components for retail stores of various kinds.

full truck

FTL (Full Truck Load)

Shipment without transshipment or further transit points.Loading of plants on site and delivery to destination with a complete, dedicated service, without transshipping. Daily departures to and from:

• Cagliari • Olbia • Sassari • Catania • Palermo

less truck

LTL (Less Than a Truck)

Door to door service for partial loads and groupage. Customised services, collection and delivery by trucks and vans (only up to 3.5 t) with tail lifts and pallet trucks. Collection returned goods. Daily departures to and from:

• Brescia • Cagliari • Olbia • Sassari • Catania • Palermo

By land and sea

A service created by a joint venture between two companies specialised in freight and logistics in the relevant areas:

MTL Transport end logistic

in Montichiari (Brescia), 35 years' experience in intermodal shipments and in-depth knowledge of the Italian territory.

Fradelloni Transport

with almost a century of services and transport for the islands, based in the harbour at Cagliari.

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With a following wind

Environmental sustainability, personnel safety, high quality standards and long-lasting collaborations: these are the cardinal points that drive our route

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