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With a following wind

Environmental sustainability, personnel safety, high quality standards and long-lasting collaborations: these are the cardinal points that drive our route


Easy Island aims to grow with the community and focuses on people, building lasting, durable partnerships with its customer companies and sharing quality vision and standards.


Easy Island constantly invests in staff and driver safety. It provides regular vehicle maintenance services, staff training and the installation of safety technologies. It is committed to ensuring healthy workplaces to guarantee the highest levels of safety for workers and goods, in the warehouse and during transport.


Prioritising environmental sustainability. Easy Island organises its services to actively promote intermodality. It uses constantly updated fleets, consisting mainly of Euro V and VI vehicles, and promotes the evolution towards alternative fuels, especially LNG. It monitors consumption and plans routes to reduce environmental impact. It invests in specific staff training on sustainability issues, such as the adoption of fuel-saving driving styles and packaging recycling.